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yehwook's Journal

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ryeowook x yesung love


Welcome to yehwook, a community dedicated to the oh-so-sweet pairing of yesung and ryeowook of super junior. If you love them, please read the rules and join! ♥


01. You should be a fan of Yehwook. Why else are you here anyway? XD
02. Any posts regarding YehWook, may it be fanfics, fanarts, fanvids, pictures, evidences etc. are all welcome!
03. No bashing of Yesung, Donghae, and the rest of the members of Super Junior.
04. No bashing or flaming of members in the comm please. Friendly debate and constructive criticism is welcome.
05. Introductional posts are appreciated.
06. Advertising is okay. especially for the mod. XDD
07. Put large images, fanfiction and fanarts in an LJ cut.
08. Spread the ai, sarang and love! ♥
i love you baby and i'm never going to stop
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